I'm Kundan Singh. I'm a software developer at DCRefers, an initiative of Open Law Library. I write softwares, apps using Python and NodeJS, with focus on development of backends, APIs, business logic and algorithms, infrastructure management and scaling, and little bit of frontends.

My research interest is in using data intelligence to improve human decision-making and reduce biases. For this, I'm experimenting with Data Science & Predictive A.I. techniques, especially for challenges in health, recruitment, and finance systems.

Explore my latest projects 💼, some of hacks 🔨, and read articles ✏️ here.

💼 Latest Projects

DCRefers Org
Developing recommendation engine software using Python/Django for DCRefers to connect qualified attorneys with modest-means citizens in Washington DC, USA. Building it to ensure WCAG compliance and i18n/l10n to enable universal accessibility. Using celery to build configurable BPMN.

Insights of Reddit
A content discovery app that helps you find insightful and best learning content from Reddit's awesome subreddits. Built using NodeJS, VueJS, GraphQL APIs, and MongoDB. check here

LocalStack Cloud
Contributing to LocalStack.Cloud, an open-source mocking framework for building cloud services using AWS, Terraform, Serverless, etc.

Florican: Easy monitoring over SSH
Open-source PyPI package for monitoring multiple servers/processes over SSH and receiving notifications on your favorite channels, built using Python, Huey, TinyDB. check here

Async Task Manager
Python Celery based async task scheduler that can be accessed via REST APIs. check

Intelligent Auto-Engagement
A tool that mimics human social behavior to engage with other users, by collecting millions of data points. check

🔨 Hacks & Fun

Best HN - Save Time
I use to spend lots of time reading HackerNews articles. I created this small best-hn utility which generates a summary of top stories in form of visual cards, that saves many hours weekly. check

Swap Memory
I wrote a .bash script to manually free swap memory + RAM to handle sudden traffic spikes, because the cloud service we were using took ~10 hours to process our RAM increment request. It was fun to not let our system go down due to lack of RAM space. Later on, we realized that issue was in the way we configured our reverse proxy and not lack of RAM.

WhatsApp Web Mutation
Before WhatsApp allowed APIs officially, I wrote custom APIs to automate several business use-cases using the MutationObserver interface.

✏️ Articles